Countries with the Largest Inequality – World Bank

Countries with the Largest Inequality – OECD
Gini Coefficient
  • CountryGini Coefficient
  1. South Africa0.6338
  2. Namibia0.6097
  3. Haiti0.6079
  4. Botswana0.6046
  5. Central African Republic0.5624
  6. Zamibia0.5562
  7. Lesotho0.5418
  8. Honduras0.5367
  9. Colombia0.5349
  10. Brazil0.5287
  11. Guatemala0.5235
  12. Panama0.5167
  13. Swaziland0.5145
  14. Rwanda0.5134
  15. Guinea-Bissau0.5066
  16. Chile0.5045
  17. Costa Rica0.4918
  18. Kenya0.4851
  19. Paraguay0.483
  20. Mexico0.4807

Source: World Bank Statistics

The Gini Coefficient is a measure of the distribution of income among a nation’s residents. A score of 0 represents a perfectly equal distribution, while a score of 1 represents the maximum level of inequality possible.
This information is pulled from the World Bank dataset, and represents the most recent information available. The World Bank database covers every country in the world, or at least every country that information can be found on. This separates it from the OECD database, which only covers the 34 countries that are members of the OECD.

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